How We Work

Interior design is an in-depth discipline

That involves more than aesthetic decisions around colors and furniture. As consultants, we gather background information and conduct research about your business, allowing us to make design recommendations that align with your organizational goals.

No matter your industry or size of structure, we consider the following:

Who are your people?

The type of people in your space – both employees and visitors – informs much of how we think about the ultimate design. What are their values? Do they prefer natural light? Do they enjoy playing games? These and other questions help us understand who will be using the space.

What’s your function?

Your space not only needs to enable the actual work, it must also strike the right chord with the senses. Accordingly, we suggest colors that create the appropriate mood, and layouts, furniture and accessories that allow employees to be their best.

What’s your culture?

Start-up or corporate, energetic or laidback, experimental or traditional. Whatever you stand for, we’ll design a space that reflects your brand values. 

What’s your growth plan?

An intelligent interior works today as well as tomorrow. We’ll create a flexible design that can accommodate hiring, new corporate initiatives, and their associated space and functional requirements.