Honoring the past while embracing the present

While every client has unique design requirements, reimagining the look and feel for Alta Mesa Memorial Park brought nuanced challenges.

Established in 1904, Alta Mesa was undergoing a complete renovation, expanding from a single story 4,000 square foot space to a two-story, 14,000 square foot space. They needed to modernize buildings and create space to accommodate multiple family services, as well extend their offerings to all cultures and religions. It’s within this context that we stepped in to transform the memorial park’s interior design.

“The chief challenge for Loretta was to honor the crossroads of cultures, religions and values that Alta Mesa represents. From the modern chapel to the lively and comfortable surroundings, her listening skills as well as her personal creative depth are evident in the dramatic results.”
—Marilyn Talbot, Alta Mesa Memorial Park

A single design that considers multiple requirements

The interior had to retain Alta Mesa’s original Spanish Colonial aesthetic while adding contemporary elements, facilitate a natural flow for memorial services, and be comforting for various religious denominations.

Based on these requirements our interior design included the following:

  • Warm tones and secular decor to create nurturing spaces
  • Textiles chosen for color, texture, and the cultural traditions they represent
  • Free-standing lighting to create a tranquil lobby atmosphere 
  • Back-lit honey onyx slabs to provide the chapel’s nondenominational centerpiece
  • Open space and decorative elements to facilitate social exchange
  • Nature-inspired details to enhance the healing process
  • The lobby centerpiece is a replica of an 1890s Sultanabad Carpet from Central Persia, accented by a one-of-a-kind 1920s Spanish Revival bookcase of original polychrome paint and gold featuring hand-carved cherubs

Our work at Alta Mesa Memorial Park earned us a 2011 ASID Award for Commercial Design Excellence, and a 2011 ASID Gold Award for Institutional Design Excellence. In addition, we met LEED building requirements.